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September 20, 2017

Phone Positions

Position Overview
SRC employs a locally-based staff of 60 to 150 phone interviewers who work in the Survey Services Laboratory (SSL) in Ann Arbor, MI. SSL phone positions are considered “centralized” (as they are located within our central office site).

The primary responsibility for phone interviewers is collecting data by way of interviewing respondents via telephone (see detailed Job Description). However, each phone position and project is unique and comes with its own study description and requirements as well as specific production goals and expectations.

Job Description
The following official job description references the Phone Interviewer position, in general. Note: To view a project-specific phone job description, please go to Job Opportunities, and then click on the name of a project to review the study description, requirements, and training information for that project.

Job Summary
In order to advance the understanding of society and behavior, the Survey Research Center (SRC) conducts surveys on various topics of public and social importance. As an employee of the Survey Research Center, you will have part-time or full-time temporary employment in a professional work environment, at competitive wages, with the opportunity to learn survey research techniques.

Position: Survey Technician/Phone Interviewer
Pay rate: Starts @ $13.25/hr

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Persuade study respondents from diverse backgrounds to participate in social science surveys; conduct interviews with these respondents using standardized techniques.
  • Utilize effective respondent contact and sample management procedures for assigned individual caseloads.
  • Accurately record verbatim and coded data from live interviews.
  • Assist with pre-testing and testing of survey instruments including paper and pencil questionnaires, computer assisted interviewing questionnaires, as well as coding data entry applications.
  • Perform operations following questionnaire completion including editing, interpretive data coding, and evaluation of survey responses.
  • Perform at acceptable levels as measured by response rate, productivity, attendance, recording accuracy, and use of general interviewing techniques.
  • Assist with the implementation of additional data collection services such as administration of mailings, specialized respondent tracking, recruitment of focus group participants, etc.
  • Display good team work skills and willingness to continually improve performance.

  • A demonstrated knowledge of social science research that is generally associated with some related college education or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Prior experience related to survey data collection and processing activities (e.g. interacting with public over the phone, computer entry).
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills, including ability to work under pressure while meeting production requirements, and paying close attention to detail.
  • Quality of telephone voice, which will enable respondents to hear the questions read in a uniform manner.
  • Demonstrated experience in following instructions and receiving feedback from supervisors.
  • Typing/computer knowledge keyboarding skills and legible handwriting required.
  • Must be available to work at least 16 hours per week, almost exclusively nights and weekends. Survey Technicians are generally scheduled for about 20-24 hours per week (see schedule below).
  • Note: The survey technician position is part-time, temporary, with no benefits. Work is usually steady, but due to the nature of survey research, some down-time may occur.

    Hours of Operation:
    Sunday 12pm - 12midnight
    Monday - Thursday 9am - 12midnight
    Friday 9am - 9pm
    Saturday 10am - 9pm

Training Attendance is MANDATORY at the training session(s):
  • In order to provide unbiased data, Survey Technicians must use uniform SRC interviewing procedures. They must also be prepared to persuade unwilling or reluctant respondents.
  • The Survey Research Center trains all selected applicants in the special techniques and procedures required for this type of research.
  • Attendance at the training is mandatory, and applicants are not hired until they have successfully completed the training and all reference checks have cleared.
Job videos
Learn more about a phone interviewer’s typical day of life.
Viewing “A Day in the Life (Phone Interviewer)” is a prerequisite to applying for a phone position

A Day in the Life (Phone Interviewer)
This video shows part of a phone interviewer’s typical day of life while working in the local telephone facility, the Survey Services Laboratory (SSL) in Ann Arbor.

Job Opportunities
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