Last updated on
September 20, 2017

About Us
The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research(ISR) is the nation’s largest academic social science survey and research organization. There are five centers within ISR; the largest is the Survey Research Center (SRC).

At the Survey Research Center, interviewers are an integral part of the survey process and are responsible for accurate and thorough data collection. The data that our interviewers collect is used to inform policy decisions and drives assumptions about survey populations. Data gathered will be utilized in ways that impact each citizen in this country, and sometimes beyond our country’s borders.

To support our research there are two types of interviewing positions:
  • Phone Interviewers work in Ann Arbor, MI in the Survey Services Laboratory (SSL).
  • Field Interviewers engage in both phone and in-home data collection activities. The field interviewers live across the United States and work out of their home offices.